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Car spark plugs check replacement
- Mar 22, 2017 -

1, Spark plug removal: in order to remove the high pressure line on the spark plug, and marked on the original location, so as not to install the dislocation. Removespark plug hole in advance during the demolition of dust and debris, to prevent debris from falling into the cylinder. With spark plug socket when removing stuck spark plug, turn the sleeve to remove it, and lined up in order.

2, Spark plug cleaner: spark plug is dirt or carbon should be cleaned in a timely manner, but do not use a flame Grill. Ceramic core damage, rupture, it should be replaced.

3, Spark plug check: spark plug electrode is the normal color of gray and white, such as blackened with carbon electrodes, there is a fault. Check the spark plug andcylinder when conducting, with Central High voltage line touching the spark plug Terminal, and then turn on the ignition switch, high pressure electro-hop position. Jump position in spark plug gap, then the spark plug is good, otherwise, it is to berenewed.

4, Spark plug electrode gap adjustment: spark plug gap has differences in variousmodels, generally should be 0. 7-0. 9, check the clearance, spark plug gauges or thin pieces of metal that are available. If the clearance is too large, screwdriver handle to tap external electrode, its normal clearance; clearance is too small, you canuse screwdrivers or metal plates inserted electrodes flipping outward.

5, Replacement of spark plugs: spark plug is a highly consumable parts, General for 20000-30000 that should be replaced. Spark plug replacement flag does not jump, or discharge in part due to erosion and rounded. In addition, as in the use of spark plugs found in regular Coke, water, usually because the spark plug is too cold and needs a hot glow plug if ignition or hot issue of impact sound in the cylinder, you need to use cold type spark plug.