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Common spark plug types
- Mar 22, 2017 -

According to the calorific value is high and low points, there are cold and heat; according to the electrode material, nickel alloys, silver and Platinum alloy, if more professional, spark plug types in general are the following:

1, Glow plug: slightly shrinking its insulator Division into the end face of the shell, outside the side electrode surface of the shell, is one of the most widely used.

2, Edge projectred: insulator skirt is long, protrudes beyond the end of the shell. Ithas the ability to absorb heat, stain resistance as well as good, and can direct air cooling to a lower temperature, thus easily causing hot ignition, wide range of thermal adaptation.

3, Electrode type spark plug: the electrode very thin, is characterized by spark strong ignition capacity is good, in the cold season can ensure prompt and reliable engines starting, a wide thermal range, to meet a variety of uses.

4, Seat type spark plugs: made from its shell and screwed into the threaded tapered and therefore can maintain good seal without gasket, thereby reducing the volume of spark plug, engine design is desirable.

5, Pole spark plugs: side electrode is generally two or more, the advantage of reliable ignition, the gap does not need constant adjustment, so the electrodes burneasily Eclipse some of the gasoline engine and spark plug gap can not always control too often.

6, Jump-spark plugs: the gap, it is one of the most cold-type spark plug gaps between the Center electrode and the shell surface are concentric.