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The basic definition of shock absorbers
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Shock absorber (the Absorber), shock absorber is used to suppress the spring rebound after shock-absorbing shocks and impacts from the road. After a rough road, despite the shock-absorbing springs can filter the vibrations, but the spring itself there will be movement and shock absorbers are used to suppress the spring jumping. Shock absorbers were too soft, the body would be jumping up and down, shock absorbers too hard it will result in too much resistance, preventing springwork. On the suspension of conversion process, hard shock absorber with springhard match, and spring hardness is closely related to vehicle weight, heavier vehicles generally use stiffer shock absorbers. And shock devices connected to the crankshaft, used to counter the crankshaft torsional vibration (crankshaft cylinder ignition and twisted by the impact phenomenon).