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The working principle of the spark plug
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Panels by repeated continuous power of the spark plug ignition, lit the mixture in the cylinder, at this point, the rest of the ignition system produces high voltage electrical pulse timing, formation of sparks and explosions to provide energy for the power output of the engine.

Structure of the spark plug is a long, thin metal panels made of ceramic material through an insulating function, insulation around the lower part of the body has ametal shell, screw tightened on the cylinder head, at the bottom of the metal casing in welded electrode and car body ground effects. In addition, the Central end of the electrode must be separated by a tiny gap.

Then, from the Distributor to the high voltage current through the conductive central electrode, and then at the bottom of the spark gap discharges, and function ofspark plug sparks burning mixed gases, energy and power output of the engine.

This shows that the spark plug is to enter the engine combustion air and fuel mixture to ignite the device, work under high temperature and high pressure conditions,is one of the wearing parts of the gasoline engine, which plays a very important role in the running of the engine, with the motor fuel or not, smooth operation, andhave a great relationship.