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Analysis On The Car Balance Bar One Important Use
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Depending on the vehicle factory design, the frame is different, some are omittedand some have been replaced by other structures. Family-type vehicles are usuallydoesn't care about them, but sport-utility vehicles, is rather more not less.

In addition, in order to enhance body rigidity and built by professional body (the cockpit) roll support with a side door strengthened steel beams, is a highly specialized sports essential modification project.

Balance bar material is very particular, not ordinary steel can easily be replaced. Requires both quality as light as possible, and require a supporting body hardnessof the material, with the softness of JI to form a harmonious whole.

Different chassis models, usually is not available in other models parts feel free tosubstitute. Occurs after a serious crash, deformation of the balance and its components, should be replaced, instead of the rectification will be fully repaired, or evenamend the reset, but changes in the material itself, will also affect the security andstability of high speed.