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How To Identify The Brake Pad
- Sep 27, 2017 -

     Brake Pads as a vehicle safety parts, the state has a strict licensing system, but like our food, the existence of the system  does not guarantee that the market products are good, imitation, counterfeiting, sale of fake phenomena exist in various industries. But, because it is a car safety parts, auto factory in the selection of the original car parts are not afraid to have the slightest idea, its selection criteria far higher than the national standard, so as a general consumer, you only need to follow the car factory to choose will not be wrong.Brake Pad

     Automobile factory in the choice of brake pieces generally required products to meet some technical specifications: friction coefficient: The simple understanding of friction coefficient is the braking capacity, its stability is a key indicator of the brake pads. What is stability? Car running will encounter a variety of road conditions, such as frozen days, rain days, from the mountains on the long down, the mountain slopes, emergency brakes and so on, the brake pads in cold, wet, high temperature, hot and cold alternating and high-temperature state, the friction coefficient can maintain stability is extremely important.Brake Pad

     Brake pads in the car's braking system, is the most critical safety parts, all of the brake effect is the brake pads play a decisive role, so good brake pads are people and car protection God. Service life: Prolong service life as far as possible and reduce the frequency of replacement. Noise: Whether it is an emergency brake or a normal brake, light brake or continuous brake, can not produce harsh noise. Brake Pad

     Comfort: How to be comfortable? It's what you plan to do when you're driving, the brakes on your senses, and the car just according to your wishes to that position, and no noise, no jitter, so fluent to that position, my understanding, comfort should be such a feeling, a bit of the taste of arbitrary.Brake Pad

    To adjust the formula to achieve this feeling is very difficult, the brake coefficient is too big not to be too small, too big, the friction coefficient is too strong, but the car will bow, jitter, noise, small, more dangerous, feel the need to stop.Brake Pad