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Part Performance Of Stabilizer Link
- Sep 27, 2017 -

     When the driver turns, the defect of "excessive turn" or "steering insufficiency" is a common occurrence. At this point, if not immediately corrected, the vehicle will deviate from the correct trajectory, serious accidents will occur. The ESP control system is based on "all forces acting on the vehicle from outside, whether driven, driving force, or any kind of lateral force, will make the vehicle around its center of gravity and rotation" principle, through the front and rear axle of more than one wheel brake interference, quickly overcome the above operation defects, so that vehicles do not deviate from the correct trajectory, Ensure safety.Stabilizer Link

     The ESP control system enhances the braking anti-lock system (ABS), the Accelerated Anti-skid control System (ASR), and the Engine Torque Control system (MSR) functions, which are at a higher level of control than ABS and ASR. In addition to effective "braking intervention", ESP has a certain effect on the operation control of the engine and the transmission. ABS and ASR functions are included in the ESP braking control module, and 3 systems share a hydraulic unit hardware. Each of them according to the ESP braking control module instructions, under different time and conditions, play their respective functions.Stabilizer Link

     The functions of the electronically controlled accelerator pedal (EFP) and the constant speed control system are included in the engine control module. The information between ESP, engine control module and electronic control Transmission control system is exchanged through can (Control area Exchange Network).Stabilizer Link

     The advantages of the ESP system are: Because of the increase of adhesion, it improves the starting performance and acceleration performance, especially in the pavement with different adhesion, and in turn, its advantages are more obvious; when the wheel is skidding, it will eliminate the transverse control loss immediately, make the vehicle have the best driving ability, and thus improve the dynamic safety effectively.Stabilizer Link

     When the driver accelerates, it automatically adapts the engine torque to the wheel's ability to transfer to the ground, and reduces the risk of skidding in various road conditions by automatic stabilization when braking, accelerating, or falling at constant speed.Stabilizer Link