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Standard Performance Of Brake Pad
- Oct 18, 2017 -

When the emergency situation occurs, everyone wants to have ABS, traction control system, and so on to ensure timely braking of the control device. The purpose of the car can make people rely on reliable control, and even can be automatically controlled; to prevent accidents caused by personnel, property damage. Today, the development of new models pay more attention to safety, energy saving, efficient, fast, comfortable and other properties.Brake Pad

As a brake pads for automotive safety parts to adapt to the development of the car, tend to smaller, thin direction, while the requirements of the brake pads of some physical and chemical properties to environmental protection, comfort, and many cars are generally larger and heavier than ever , Faster, so the requirements of the brake components are getting higher and higher. A piece of brake pads, from the choice of friction materials to the production, testing, the process is not simple, requiring suppliers to have a wealth of professional knowledge and experience. Brake pads (hoof) friction material stress materials pay attention to environmental protection, pollution. The understanding of the composition of friction materials in the automotive industry has also undergone a process.Brake Pad

Often said that the friction coefficient of ceramic brake pads is the level of this FF. Common E means that the friction coefficient is 0.25 ~ 0.35, F said above, G said in the 0.45 ~ 0.55 between. C is between 0.15 and 0.25. The high temperature film allows the original coefficient of friction to be maintained at higher temperatures, so the high temperature sheet is not necessarily sensitive, but many high temperature sheets also help achieve higher temperatures by increasing the coefficient of friction. We often say that the ordinary semi-metallic brake pads is the EF or EE level. Most of the brake pads are FF, and then the high friction coefficient of the metal content will be large, the brakes will ring, comfort decreased.Brake Pad The axle of the shaft will be tested by means of a large diameter brake disc, with a ventilator, with a scribe plate and other methods to improve the braking force and reduce the thermal attenuation coefficient of friction in the industry when the main performance test to synchronize the assessment, or CHASE test The Domestic constant speed testing machine for testing (not recommended). Performance test specifications are: SAE J2522, ECE R90, JASO C406 and so on. The performance concept is: Braking performance: for the test model of the existing parameters, according to the standard design of the different speed and different braking pressure under the conditions of the braking force changes.Brake Pad

Recession and recovery performance: the braking process into the brake temperature rise, the degree of braking force attenuation, and when the temperature drop after the braking force recovery situation. Braking performance in high temperature conditions: The difference between the braking performance of the brake and the normal state at high temperature. Brake performance at high speed: changes in braking performance when the vehicle travels close to the maximum speed. Low speed / low pressure conditions Braking performance: low speed low pressure state of the brake, is the city often used in the brake mode.Brake Pad