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Structure And Classification Of Brake Pads
- Mar 22, 2017 -

Composition and structure

Brake pads (brake lining) usually consists of steel plates, adhesive insulation and friction blocks, plates after painting to rust, coating with SMT-4 temperature Trackerto detect temperature distribution of coating process to ensure quality. Heat insulation layer is made up of material heat aimed at insulating. Friction block made upof friction materials, adhesives, brakes are squeezed on the brake disc or drum brake friction, so as to achieve the objective of deceleration braking. The action of friction, friction blocks will gradually be worn, generally costing as low as the brakepads wear faster.


Brake types:-for disc brake brake pads-for drum brake brake shoes-for large trucks

Brake block is divided into the following categories: asbestos brake pads (eliminated), semi-metallic brake pads, less metallic brake pads, brake pads, ceramic brakepads, NAO NAO formula ceramic brake pads