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What Is The Difference Of Aluminium Cylinder Head And Iron Cylinder Head?
- Sep 19, 2017 -

The aluminum alloy cylinder head has good thermal conductivity.It is conducive to improve the compression rate and will reduce the engine burst.Also can improve the energy efficiency.But it also have shortages and its main drawback is the low stiffness that will make the cylinder head easy to be borken.The main advantages of Cast iron cylinder head is high mechanical strength, casting performance and good heat resistance, low cost; the main drawback is the quality, poor thermal conductivity. Aluminum alloy cylinder cover in the cleaning should avoid contact with alkaline solution to prevent corrosion. Tighten the cylinder head bolts, nuts, should be in the cold when in accordance with the provisions of the order and torque torque tightening. Because the aluminum alloy cylinder head than the steel cylinder head bolts, stud thermal expansion coefficient, so remove the cylinder head must be completely cooled after the engine to prevent the aluminum alloy cylinder cap warp deformation